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Tekken 7’s ranked match system can be confusing for beginners because it isn’t explained well. It is simple in principle: Your player ranking goes up if you win and goes down if you lose.

You might think that you only need to win to increase your rank. Losing will bring it down. It’s not as simple as that.

The ranked system uses points systems that calculate your score after every match, and rank you accordingly with other players based upon your score.

We have created a comprehensive guide to the Tekken 7 rank system. It can be difficult for beginners to understand.

All Tekken 7 Rank

Tekken 7 Online Rank List

Tekken 7 currently has 46 ranks. The ranks can be grouped into several groups. Tekken tiersThey are:

  1. Beginner: From the First Kyu through the Ninth Kyu
  2. Dan/Silver: First through Third Dan
  3. Light Blue Initiate. Mentor. Expert. Grand master.
  4. Green: Brawler, Marauder, Fighter, Vanguard.
  5. Yellow: Warrior, Vindicator, Juggernaut, Usurper.
  6. Orange: Vanquisher, Destroyer, Savior, Overlord.
  7. Red: Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu, Suzaku.
  8. Violet/Ruler: Mighty Ruler. Revered Ruler. Divine Ruler. Eternal Ruler.
  9. Blue: Fujin, Raijin, Yaksa, Ryujin.
  10. Purple: Emperor, Tekken King.
  11. Gold: Tekken God, True Tekken God.
  12. Tekken God Prime.

Let’s find out what each Tier means.

1. For Beginners

You will begin your climb to glory with your character at the second rank, also known as the “kyu”. The 9th Kyu is the first kyu available to novices, and it is most likely that you will face noobs.

2. Silver Tier

You will face more elite opponents in the silver tier. This is the tier where you can really climb up the ladder. Players may use characters other than their main characters to win. However, experienced players might switch their main characters to counter their strategy. For beginners, the silver ranks will be your best choice.

3. Light blue Tier

The four combined ranks of 8th kyu, 7th kyu are the light blue ranks in Tekken 7. These players are just beginning to master the fundamentals of Tekken 7 ranks and lack execution ability. This Tier usually consists of Initiate (Mentor), Expert, Expert, and Grand Masters.

4. Green Tier

Four green ranks are required to move up to the competitive Tier. They are similar to the blue Tier. This Tier requires 70 matches to achieve the brawler to vanguard ranking. It is best to be serious when playing matches.

Once you have achieved all the required ranks in this Tier, your progression to the yellow Tier is made. The difficulty level here is slightly higher.

5. Yellow Tier

The Yellow Tier consists Warrior (Vindicator), Juggernaut, Juggernaut, Usurper and is the ranking system that will place you among the top half of Tekken players once you achieve.

At this level, you can start to master your character and learn the moves that will knock down the enemy as fast as possible.

7. Orange Tier

Although Tekken 7 Ranks can be difficult to understand, they are not as hard as winning 200 matches to advance from vanquisher rank to overlord. While you may feel tired during this Tier, you can still be a professional player if you reach the final.

8. Red Tier

Red Tier begins with Genbu ranking. This means that you are among 27.7% Tekken players. You will also be among 17.39% players once you reach Suzaku rank. This Tier recommends that you win as many battles as possible, and to focus your efforts on becoming a Tekken god.

9. Violet Tier

The Violet Tier in Tekken 7 ranks consists the land of rulers. These ranks are namely: Revered Ruler (Mighty Ruler), Divine Ruler (Divine Ruler), Eternal Ruler. This group consists the top 15% players in Tekken 7’s world. You are only a few matches away from becoming a true Tekken God if you reach this Tier.

Focus on your rank and win as many fights possible. Make sure to lose less points and gain as many as possible.

10. Blue Tier

The four Tekken 7 ranks you should reach in the Blue tier are Fujin, Raijin and Yaksa. Ryujin is the last. You have already paved the way to the land where gods and spirits dwell, so your moves could knock out even elite players.

This Tier’s starting point is Fujin rank. Ryujin rank ends the Tier.

11. Purple Tier

This Tier consists just two Tekken7 ranks, i.e. Emperor and Tekken king. At this rank you are a long way away from the kyu ranks, and only two ranks away is the Tekken prime rank. The only thing you have to do now is win matches. So, focus on fighting and be a champion.

12. Gold Tier

Only two gold ranks make up the gold Tier, and they are Tekken God and True Tekken God. This stage is where your opponents will be afraid to match with you, and there are greater chances that you will win the matches.

13. Tekken God Prime

After clearing the gold Tier, your path to the 100th Dan is made and you become the best fighter in the game. This is a feat that only 0.43% can accomplish, but it’s possible to become a true player.

How does the system determine rankings in Tekken 7?

The points you earn after a match and the points that you lose are what determine the ranking. You lose points if your character is knocked down in a match. You lose points if you lose fights often. However, you can get your rank back after winning some matches.

How to get higher Tekken7 ranks?

No secret formula or ranking system hacks are available to help you rank higher in Tekken. Your ranking is determined by what happens on the battlefield. The game is not pay-to-win based. You can win as many matches and gain points if you win the matches.

You should avoid losing matches at all costs. If you do, you will lose points and possibly even be demoted.

Understanding the Tekken 7 Ranks Points Systems

At first you might feel a bit confused about how the ranking system and points system actually work. This is because the developers haven’t published any official guide. It is up to us to fully understand the Tekken 7 ranks as well as the points system.

Focus on how many points your match wins or loses. This will help you determine how many points are earned. You can also determine the difficulty of the fight how many points you get.

Here’s a brief summary.

Same rank – 1,900 points – 1,700 points

+/- 1 rank – 1,250 points – 1,150 points

+/- 2 ranks – 800 points – 600 points

+/- 3 ranks – 550 points – 350 points

+/- More than 3 ranks – 50 points – 50 points

You will be able to achieve higher Tekken7 ranks the more points you score.

Tekken 7 Ranks for Offline Mode

The story mode is a great way to get started with the game. It helps you understand the rules and the ranking system. Once you have mastered the game, you can move on to the online version to compete against other players worldwide.

As the offline mode is not available, we recommend you play treasure and arcade battles in the Tekken 7 offline game mode. You start with the 1st kyu which will eventually get an upgrade when you win matches.

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We hope that this explanation of Tekken7 ranks will help you in any way. This guide will help you to understand the competition eligibility and ranking system.

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