Another Eden Tier List 2022: Best Characters List

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time And Space (or The Cat Beyond Time And Space) is a popular RPG-free play game. WFS developed the game. It has won hearts around the world. The role play-based video game can be played on one-player. 

This game is turn-based, so you can modify the field as you wish. It is all about Gacha travel. It is known as one the greatest Catcher games around the globe. Do you think it is necessary to have a team for the game? 

When there are multiple characters involved, it is important to have some sort of distinguishing criteria. Each character is unique. Some are better than other. You need to be able to identify the characters that you want to include in your team to create a winning team. 

It’s not as easy as it seems. The game has many characters, and people don’t know much about them all. We did it for your benefit. The article will help you understand what actions to take and what to do with your team. We invite you to walk through the report. 

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Another Eden Tier List 

1. SS tier 

At the apex, is the Tier. These characters are incredible. They are the most dangerous. They are able to defeat any enemy. It is worth taking every opportunity to get them on your team. They are versatile players who can play in any mode. Take a look at this list:

Character  Classes 
Victor  Slash 
Foran Pierce
Tsukiha Pierce
Melina Blunt
Myunfa Blunt 
Chiyo Magic
Radica Magic 
Clarte Magic
Rossetta Magic
Myrus Magic 

2. S Tier 

These characters are strong and solid. They are reliable and can help you win. You are available and excel in every game mode. It is worth every opportunity to reach them for your team. 

Character  Classes 
Akame Slash 
Cyrus Slash
Myrus Slash 
Shigure Slash 
Elga Slash
Miyuu Slash 
Violet  Slash 
Yuri Slash 
Renri Slash 
Melissa  Slash 
Ciel Pierce
Claud Pierce
Milsha Pierce
Yuniko Pierce
Hazuki Pierce
Ewlla Pierce
Garambarel Pierce
Ewan Blunt 
Hardy  Blunt 


Yipha Blunt
Skull  Blunt
Dunarith magic
Mighty  magic
Toova magic
Ewan magic
Felmina magic
Tsubame magic

3. A Tier 

The neutral tier is considered the tier. This group is not meant to amaze you with its special tricks. It’s also not bad enough for anyone to look down on. These characters are average. They are trustworthy and will help you survive. They are:

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Character Classes 
Cress slash
Iilulu slash
Radias Slash
Renri Slash
Guildna slash
Philo Slash
Milla Slash
Nicoco Slash
Isuka Slash
Shannon  Slash
Shion Slash
Suzette Pierce
Cetie Pierce 
Ewan Pierce
Mistrare Pierce
Jade Pierce
May  Pierce
Tiramisu Pierce
Suzette Pierce 


Serene Blunt 
Riica Blunt 
Amie Blunt 
Heena Blunt 
Gairy Magic 
Marriel magic
Veina magic
Helena magic
Yuna magic

4. B Tier 

The characters of the group are average. They lack special abilities and powers that will help you or be of assistance throughout the game. They are not viable beyond the initial stages. They are:

Character  Classes 
Anabel Slash
Nagi Slash
Azami Slash
Shani Slash
Heena Slash
Betrand Pierce 
Premaya Pierce
Prari Blunt 
Felmina Blunt 
Lokido Blunt 
Biaka Blunt 
Prai Blunt
Beautiful  Blunt
Melody  Magic
Feinne Magic 
Bivette Magic 
Yuna Magic
Toova Magic 
Viena Magic 

5. C Tier 

Finally, the tier arrives and you might think that they are the most dangerous. This group has low damage to skills and power. It is overall very effective. It is best not to teach characters within the group. They are:

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Character  Classes 
Anabel Slash 
Miyu Slash
Tuina Slash
Jokar  Slash
Sophia  Slash
Bria Pierce
Cetie Pierce
Altena Pierce
Bertrand Pierce
Ceil Pierce 
Mana Pierce 
Lokido Blunt 
Mufana Blunt
Morgana Blunt 
Clarte Magic
Joker Magic 
Levia Magic 
Mariale Magic 
Seki Magic 

Is Re-rolling possible? 

There are two parts to the answer: one is good and one isn’t. Although re-rolling is possible, it isn’t an easy task. One thing to remember is that the game must not be linked to your Facebook account. You can delete the game as long as it remains connected to your Facebook account. Once deleted, you can always start a new account. 

All you need is all the crystals required to install the game once again. 

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Last words 

This was our version of the Another Eden Tier List. We attempted to include all characters. If you think we missed someone, let us know. The ears are arranged in a descending order from the best to worst. Class has also been mentioned. 

We tried to make it easy to remember and understand. We will keep the list updated if new characters appear. Check the article regularly for any new updates. 

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