Smite Tier List 2022: Everything You Need To Know About

Hi-Rez Studios published Smite online, a free game. It is available on Microsoft Studios, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as Nintendo Switch. According to the official website, there are more than 30 million users worldwide.

Smite, which stands for multiplayer online battle arena, is a MOBA. For the purpose of the game, the player is able to view the game from a third-person perspective. The player can choose to play as a team of God Goddesses and mythological creatures. They must fight other creatures and minions. 

You must now choose the best players to join your team. While the Goddesses and Gods may have different skills, it is clear that some players are more powerful than others. If you want to create a cohesive team, it is important that you are able to teach Gods or Goddesses who have stronger abilities. To make things simpler, we have created a Tier List. 

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The tier list has made the Gods and Goddesses feel weaker. We’ll list them from strongest to most vulnerable. For the best gaming experience, take a look at this list and the user information. 

Smite Tier List 2021

1. S+ Tier 

This tier is home to the pro Gods, and goddesses. These powerful and extremely strong people will help you win with ease. It is very sensible and logical for them to be part of your team. Here is the complete list:

Appolo Cerberus Sun Wukong Scylla Gigamesh King Arthur Danzaburou Chullain
Athena Odin Artemis Tiamat Sobek Janus Yemoji Appolo

2. S Tier 

They have the highest win rates of all tiers. They are your best friend because they have exceptional loss and matter. They are loved by all levels of society. 

Agni Chang’e Tyr Fafnir Izanami Serquet Ravana Nu Wa Chernobog
Ares Artio Ymir Hel Cupid Fernir Morrigon Osirirs Erlang

3. A Tier 

They can be strong, but not as strong as the S Tier. They cannot be expected to have extraordinary powers, but they can guarantee a good game. Although they might not be very strong, they are capable of learning new skills that will help you get to the end. 

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Anhur Hercules Cthulu Loki Cabrakan
Achilles Ao Kuang Discordia Anubis Camazotz
Geb Anubis Eset Horus Jing Wei
Thoth Ah Muzen Ganesh Poseidon Merlin
Thor Xing Tian Kali Kukulkan Nike

4. B Tier 

The line of best and worst is drawn by the tear. 50-50 is the ratio between winning and losing chances with the daughter. You can still gamble with the tier. Thank. 

Au Puch  Rama Skadi Chiron Pele
Amatersau Zhong Kui Neith Hachiman Baba Yaga
Hun Batz Zeus Hera He Bo Pele

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5. C Tier 

They fall in the below-average range. They are not recommended as preferred characters. They are not recommended as preferred characters. 

Bakasura Da Ji Freya Olorun Nox Kumbhakarana Charybdis

6. D Tier 

Use the word category. Do not include these characters in any of your teams. You can openly discuss your team. They will not do anything for you. Here is the complete list.

Arachne Cabrakan Osiris Anubis Ah Muzen

The Best Gods and Goddesses of Smite 

We now have an overview of the surrogate versions of the characters in Smite. Let us take a closer look. We cannot describe them all so we have chosen the best. Look at what you get with the top ones and make sure to take advantage of every opportunity to include them in any team. They are:

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King Arthur 

King Arthur, the powerful god of Smite, is equipped with many weapons and attachments. The enemy will not be forgotten. It doesn’t matter who you are, he will take you down easily. He will be protected from death if you buy him weapons like the Stone of Gaia and Sundering Axe. He is unkillable in combats and can play defense well with his armour. He is undoubtedly one of Smite’s best players. 


She is one the most powerful Gods in the game. The Eagles Rally helps her target and protects her potential for protection. She uses her sword and shield to defend herself from snowballs. This allows the Carriers in your team to obtain as much gold and silver as possible. She not only prevents the Animes from entering your camp, but also allows the backline workers to obtain as much gold possible. Your team will benefit from her win-win situation. 

Guan Yu

Guan Yu, the greatest of all gods in the game is your best bet. The cooldown settings of Guan Yu can improve the CC. He is the best at everything, from CC buffing to damage management and attacking skills. The Warrior’s will can reduce enemy attacks. He is immune against the Talu assault counter-attack. The cherry on the top is his hidden powers. This god can single-handedly take down animals. 


The most banned god appears on page 2 of Smite Pro League. He wasn’t much known before the season it hence we can say that he was born from his ashes. 

Closing thoughts

That was our Smite Tier List.  This list will make it easier to choose the best Gods and Goddesses for your team. You will be able to identify the top players and help you win the game. Apply the knowledge from the article to your own actions. 

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